What Do You Do?

What do you do when you are attacked from within the church?

What do you do when that attack comes from the pastor?

These are questions I have had to wrestle with over the last several weeks.  They still keep me up at night.
Our pastor got mad at my wife and me and went through the church and around town spreading lies about us.  It culminated with him standing before the church on his last Sunday here and saying part of this untruth about her to the entire church.  I know about what was said because of the conversations we've been having with church members:  hearing what they were told by him, showing them meeting notes that contradict his stories, and giving them our testimony.  People have been astonished by the evidence.  And, really, who expects their pastor to lie to them-especially from the pulpit!
Some people have come around and stood by us--they have loved us like Biblical church.  Others have stood back at a safe distance, protecting themselves.  Some have refused to be convinced by the evidence, guarding their own egos from admitting any mistake.  Many still do not know the truth and, by all appearances, they hate us.  We have been shunned and publicly attacked.  People whisper and stare from the other side of the room.  We have been warned that people will boycott certain ministries if we participate and that some will leave the church if we serve in others.  This last month has been devastating.

What do you do?

Church is where you should feel safe.  We do not.  Church is where God's people love each other.  Love has broken down.  Church should be trusting.  Distrust is ruling.  It's not just us.  Lines are drawn.  Camps are formed.  The church is split.  Some people have quit coming.  Others are scared if they miss any meeting something wicked will happened without their knowledge.  Many people are looking at this like a politician, expecting something else to make news and distract the masses into another direction any day now.  The Church is no disposable social gathering.  She is no politician.  She is the bride of Christ.  Jesus died for her.  He fights for her.  He's coming back for her--just like my boys reminded me Sunday--carrying a sword, on a war horse, with fire in His eyes, His robe dipped in blood.  The devil hates her and will take every punch he can get on her.  But her husband is coming back, a fierce warrior.  And the devil has hell to pay.
When the bride of Christ is attacked, what do you do?  One thing you do is you read Revelation.  You remember Jesus in victory.  You remember that Satan is defeated.  And you fight for what Jesus fights for.  You stand up against the attacks of the devil, stand up for truth.

And you pray like John, "Come, Lord Jesus!"